The key Academic and Music Scholarship information and deadlines for this academic year are set out below.

Scholarships for Entry into Year 3

Up to six scholarships worth 25% of full fees, are offered each year for academic or musical excellence to children entering Year 3 internally or externally.

Academic Scholarships are awarded to children who perform particularly well in the 7+ Entrance Test.

Music Scholarships for Internal and External Candidates

Music Scholarship auditions are normally held on the afternoon of the Entrance Test Day for external candidates. Internal candidates will be heard on a separate day either side of this date.

Music Scholarship candidates should present evidence of particular talent on at least one instrument (the voice counting as an instrument). Candidates are normally expected to be working towards Grade 2 equivalent, and to have been learning their instrument for a minimum of 12 months. The Music Scholarship test will comprise:

  • The performance of one piece on the candidate’s first instrument


  • The performance of two shorter pieces on two instruments


  • A sight reading test of an appropriate standard on the candidate’s first instrument
  • A series of short aural tests
  • A discussion of the candidate’s musical interests and experience to date

Written Instrumental Reports

A written report will be required from the candidate’s music teacher before a Music Scholarship test can take place. It is therefore recommended that parents speak to their child’s teacher before a Music Scholarship application is submitted, advising them that a written report will be required and by which date. The content of written instrumental reports remains confidential to the School.

Click to download a Music Scholarship Application Form

Awards have now been made for 2017 entry. The next Auditions and Entrance Test will be held on Tuesday 6 February 2018. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30 January 2018.

Should you have any questions relating to our admissions process then please contact:

The Admissions Registrar
The Blue Coat School
Somerset Road
Birmingham, B17 0HR

T: 0121 410 6807