The Blue Coat School Values are designed to set out the ways in which we seek to encourage positive attitudes whilst the children are at school and when they are on trips, outings and off-site visits.

Buttons Nursery

The children in Buttons Nursery are encouraged to: 

  • Be kind to each other
  • Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’
  • Share toys and equipment and look after them
  • Talk nicely to others and listen to them carefully
  • Develop the ability to listen to instructions and respond to requests
  • Walk sensibly inside Buttons Nursery and around the grounds
  • Keep their hands and feet to themselves
  • Practise good table manners

Pre-Prep and Prep

In Pre-Prep and Prep the children are encouraged to give a good impression of themselves and the School both within and beyond the campus. Throughout the school day, in activities, and on off-site visits, trips and outings, they should follow the Blue Coat Values:

Be Truthful, Patient and Kind
Cheerfully Try Hard
Show Respect

Be Truthful, Patient and Kind

– We can be trusted to be honest and truthful, to say what we mean and to do what we say.
– We aim to stay calm while waiting, not getting angry with each other and never trying to take revenge, get our own back, or get even.
– We care for others through our words and actions, always being ready to give and to share, especially with those who are in difficulty.

As Blue Coat children we aim to:

  • Tell the truth and take responsibility for our own behaviour
  • Speak to each other thoughtfully and considerately
  • Interact with each other in appropriate ways
  • Share and take turns
  • Involve others in our games at break times, in Aftercare and in the Houses
  • Help others around the campus where needed

Cheerfully Try Hard

– We work hard, trying to do everything to the best of our abilities, refusing to give up when things are hard.

As Blue Coat children we aim to:

  • Take a cheerful approach to our work and activities
  • Have a positive ‘Growth Mindset’ attitude
  • Do everything to the best of our ability

Show Respect

– We recognise that we are all of value and importance, and we appreciate each other despite our differences.

As Blue Coat children we aim to:

  • Talk to staff, adults and other children politely
  • Listen attentively and respond to requests
  • Show an awareness of others and a consideration of their needs
  • Show respect by arriving punctually for lessons, assemblies and Chapel Services
  • Show respect by ensuring that we have the correct books and equipment for lessons
  • Show respect by wearing the correct uniform
  • Show respect for the books and property of others and of the school
  • Move around the classroom, school and grounds and line up in an orderly fashion
  • Show respect for the school by keeping outdoor play areas, classrooms, cloakrooms and toilet areas tidy and using them appropriately
  • Say grace before lunch (Pre-Prep)
  • Observe good table manners