Rt Revd David Urquhart, Lord Bishop of Birmingham


Mr B H Singleton, LLB

Vice Chair
Mr M H Dyke, BA

Mrs E J Cook, BA
Mr M J Cotter, FRICS
Mrs K Gilmore
Mr W G S Hordern, MA MBE
Canon S W Jones, BA BA Dip Soc Admin DipHE
Ms M C Kitto, BEd Hon Fellow NSEAD
Mr S M Raine, FCA BSocSci
Dr E N Rees, MBChB FRCPath
Mrs P Thomas, BA
Revd N Tucker, BSc MTh

Senior Leadership Team

Mr N G Neeson, BEd NPQH

Deputy Head (Prep)
Mr T I Wurr, BA PGCE

Deputy Head (Pre-Prep)
Mrs E H Andrews, BA PGCE

Bursar and Clerk to the Governors
Mrs K E Collyer, BSc ACA

Senior Management Team

(includes Senior Leadership Team)

Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning (Prep)
Mrs C A Roberts, BA MA PGCE

Director of Pastoral Care (Prep)
Mrs J C Redfern, BEd

Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning (Pre-Prep)
Mrs H R West, BA PGCE

Director of Pastoral Care (Pre-Prep)
Mrs T S Robinson, BEd

Director of ICT

House Heads (Prep)

St George’s House (Boys)
Mr A P Morris, BA QTS

St Margaret’s House (Girls)
Mrs J C Lynn, RGN PGCE

St Monica’s House (Girls)
Mrs J C Redfern, BEd

St Philip’s House (Boys)
Miss J S Price, BA QTS NNEB

School Chaplain

Mrs R M Elphinston, BA PGCE

Year Group Co-ordinators (Prep)

Year 6
Miss A J Green, BSc PGCE (Senior School Adviser)

Year 5
Mrs B A Burns, MA H.Dip Ed BA Mod

Year 4
Mrs L E James, BA (Ed)

Year 3
Mrs E Stockton, BA PGCE

Heads of Department (Prep)

Head of Art and Design
Mrs N J Lambert-Green, BA QTS

Head of Boys’ Games
Mr R G Davies, BA PGCE

Head of Computing

Head of Design and Technology
Mrs J C Lynn, RGN PGCE

Head of English
Miss R A Patel, MA PGCE

Head of History
Miss C H V Merrill, MA PGCE

Head of Mathematics
Mrs K N Simmons, BSc PGCE

Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs G T Boothroyd, BA QTS

Director of Music
Mr J E Nicklin, BA (Ed)

Head of PSHE
Miss L S Ward, BA PGCE

Head of RE
Mrs N L Ashman, BA MSc PGCE

Head of Science
Mr C H Isherwood, BEd

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)
Mrs T K Gibson, BA GRTP

Director of Sport
Mrs T L Bennett, BA QTS

Teaching Staff (Prep)

Mrs R Barrowclift, BA (Swimming)
Mrs B A Burns, MA H.Dip Ed BA Mod (Mathematics, 5B)
Mrs E J Collins, L3 Diploma (Teaching Assistant,Part-Time)
Miss P M Crews, BSc PGCE (Games)
Mrs T A Denham, ASA Coach Certificate (Swimming)
Miss G A Drage, BEd (English, Humanities, 4D)
Mrs T C Ebrahim, CertEd (Mathematics, 3E)
Miss A J Green, BSc PGCE (Science, Mathematics, 6G)
Mr H C Harrison, BSc QTS (Boys’ Games, Mathematics, 5H)
Mrs L E James, BA (Ed) (English, 4J)
Mrs J H Jennings, NNEB NVQ2 (Prep and Pre-Prep Librarian)
Mrs L J Lucas, BA PGCE (English, Part-Time)
Mr A P Morris, BA QTS (Science, Humanities, Computing)
Miss H J Paddock, BA QTS (Mathematics, Humanities, Computing, Part-Time)
Mrs J P Powell, BA (Teaching Assistant, Part-Time)
Miss J S Price, BA QTS NNEB (Mathematics, Science)
Mr D J Protherough, BSc PGCE (Boys’ Games, Part-Time)
Mrs J C Redfern, BEd (English, RE)
Mrs C A Roberts, BA MA PGCE (English, Games, 5R)
Miss L J Scullion, BA PGCE (English, 4S)
Miss Z A Stefanowski, BA PGCE (English, 3Z)
Mrs E Stockton, BA PGCE (3S)
Mrs C M S Treanor, BA MSc PGCE (Science, RE, Part-Time)
Mrs H J Walker, BA HLTA NVQ3 (Learning Support Assistant)

Teaching Staff (Pre-Prep)

Computing Co-ordinator, RB
Miss E F Barrett, BA PGCE

EYFS Expressive Arts & Design Co-ordinator, Transition Co-ordinator, TC
Miss V J Clarke, BA PGCE PG Dip

Music Co-ordinator
Mrs L A Evans, BA PGCE (Maternity Leave)

Science Co-ordinator, 1F
Mrs W L Fletcher-Jones, BA QTS

EYFS Mathematics Co-ordinator, TH
Mrs S K Hall, BEd

Mathematics Co-ordinator, Year 2 Co-ordinator, 2J
Mrs S J Jubb, BSc PGCE

History Co-ordinator, 2M
Mrs E I McKenzie-Ward, BEd

Music Co-ordinator
Miss C O Pardoe, BMus (Maternity Leave cover, Part-Time)

Geography Co-ordinator, 2P
Mrs C E Powell, BEd

EYFS PD Co-ordinator, EYFS Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator, RM
Ms S Malik LLB PGCE (Maternity Leave cover)

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), PE Co-ordinator
Mrs T S Robinson, BEd

EYFS Co-ordinator for Understanding the World, TR
Mrs C V Round, BA (Ed) L3 Diploma in Child Care and Education

EYFS Communication and Language Co-ordinator, EYFS Literacy Co-ordinator, Reception Co-ordinator, RS
Mrs S M Shaw, BEd

PSHE Co-ordinator, 1S (Job Share)
Mrs J G Shotton, BA MA PGCE

RE Co-ordinator, 1S (Job Share)
Mrs S M Stewart, BPrimEd

Art and DT Co-ordinator, Year 1 Co-ordinator, 1H
Mrs H J Straw, BEd

English Co-ordinator
Mrs H R West, BA PGCE

EYFS PSED Co-ordinator, Transition Music Teacher (Part-Time)
Mrs P A Whitehouse, BSc PGCE

Teaching Assistants (Pre-Prep)

Mrs J G Asghar, BTec Nat Cert (TR)
Mrs A M Belitzki-Grix, BA NVQ3 (2M, Part-Time)
Miss B E Campbell, Dip HE Cert (Deputy After Care Supervisor)
Miss D J Cobden, NNEB (2J, Part-Time)
Miss J A Cox, NNEB L4 Dip (After Care Assistant)
Mr M P Darby, NNEB (RM, Morning Care Supervisor)
Miss A J E Fan, BSc BTec Nat Dip (TH, Morning Care)
Miss D Foley, BA NVQ3 (After Care Assistant)
Mrs V C Hanson, BTec Nat Dip (1F, Morning Care, Part-Time)
Mrs D A Hope, BA PGCE (2J, Part-Time)
Mrs S M Hopson (2M, Part-Time)
Miss G Jabbal BA (RS, After Care)
Miss N J Mooney, L3 Dip (1S, Morning Care)
Mrs S K Patel L3 Dip (Morning Care, After Care, Playground Supervisor)
Miss S A Robinson (Playground Supervisor)
Mrs A Saxena, BA MA BEd NVQ3 (1H, After Care Supervisor)
Mrs M A Shenton, NVQ3 (2P, After Care)
Miss M L Smith, BA QTS L3 Dip (TC, Morning Care, After Care)
Mrs V J Smith, BA NVQ3 (RB, Morning Care, After Care)

Buttons Nursery Staff

Buttons Nursery Manager
Ms G F Harris, BA NVQ3

Buttons Nursery Deputy Manager
Miss S A Lingley, NNEB

Buttons Nursery Room Leader
Miss K West, BTec Nat Dip

Buttons Nursery Assistants
Mrs S J Boulton, NVQ3
Mrs L F Grego, NNEB (Part-Time)
Mrs F S Hartwell, FdA
Mrs C A Hemmings, NVQ3
Miss K Hough, L3 Dip
Miss G F Kilroy L3 Dip (Part-Time Maternity Leave cover)
Miss R L Mainwood, L3 Dip
Miss D M Prior, NVQ3 (Maternity Leave cover)

Support Staff

Headmaster’s Personal Assistant
Position vacant

Bursar’s Personal Assistant
Miss K M Levitt

Pre-Prep Secretary
Mrs P A Arch

School Secretary
Mrs J C Ireland

Miss L J Keeber

Mr J T Matthews

Admissions and Marketing Manager
Mrs J S Dredger, BA

Admissions Assistant
Mrs J L Mitchell, BA, DipHE (Part-Time)

Estate Manager
Miss R L Manson, BSc

Finance Manager
Mrs B H Colvin, BA, ACMA

Mrs B J Caldora, ACCA

Finance Assistant
Mrs A D Richards

Finance Assistant
Mrs M J Wilkinson

Sports Centre Manager
Mr M A Carroll, BSc

Sports Centre Acting Assistant Manager
Mr M Perry

Catering Manager (Holroyd Howe)
Mr M A Gladwin

School Nurse
Mrs J G Jefferson, RGN RSCN

Health Centre Assistant
Mrs W Moloney (Fully Registered First Aider)

Network Manager
Mr F A Paterson

IT Systems Administrator
Mr K S Finglas

Data Manager
Miss H J Paddock (Part-Time)

Music Department Administrator
Miss E M Akehurst