The Blue Coat School – providing outstanding educational opportunities for every child to thrive, developing confidence, ability and intellect within a caring Christian environment.

Outstanding Educational Opportunities

  • Furnished by well-resourced facilities for enjoyable, imaginative learning.
  • Fostered by an enthusiastic, dedicated and well qualified staff.
  • Offered through a broad, balanced and forward looking curriculum with effective use of ICT.
  • Provided by a wide range of musical, sporting and other creative activities.

For Every Child To Thrive

  • Understanding the child’s perspective and responding to individual needs.
  • Offering opportunities to flourish.
  • Providing care, encouragement and support on an individual basis.
  • Celebrating effort, progress and achievement.

Within a Caring Christian Environment

  • Building a secure, positive community in which everyone is valued and appreciated.
  • Exploring and understanding faith in God.
  • Developing an awareness of the needs of the wider world.
  • Learning to ‘Grow in Grace’.